Monday, 7 April 2014


It was raining heavily
I was waiting for you in a coffee shop
I start worrying about you
Even your phone says “switched off”
It increases my heart beat so fast that
Even another person can heard it from a far
I kept looking for you
My eyes scanned every stopping vehicle
But there was no sight of you
The more it rains the more I become nervous

But finally I had a view of you
In blue top with a shy smile
You were late by 15 mins
I wanted to ask so many questions to you
But as soon as you kissed my cheek
I forget everything
And just kept looking you
Your wet strands of hair
Your soft wet skin
Beautiful and clear eyes

I then ordered two cup of coffee
You take out a mirror from your purse
And make yourself pretty
I just
keep watching your lips
Wanted a kiss but kept myself restrained
Then the coffee arrived
You hold the cup in such way as you hold me tightly
I do the same
Our eye made contact
We kept looking into each other’s eyes for more than a minute
You won the race of eye contact
And we did gestures throughout
I love your eye moment

What can be more beautiful than your company
In chilly weather outside and warm coffee with you
I wish that time would remain still throughout
When I am with you
I wish I keep looking you throughout my life
Just with a cup of coffee in hand…

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