Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Quotes For Her

Valentine's Day is coming and you surely are eager to wish her a beautiful Valentine's Day to her.
Valentine's Day Quotes For Her can make her smile and love you more than ever.

Here are a few best love quotes for your valentine -

1) Of all the times I spent together with you, I cant really explain how much you have changed me. You've made me smile when I was down, and you have cheered me up when I plunged into distress. You are my Good Samaritan, my Angel in disguise, my rhythm in blue. Time falls short when I start to tell you how much I love you. But some days, I guess, dawn mainly to express love and on this Valentine's Day, by God's grace we are together. Happy Valentine's Day to you. I love you.

2) I dont remember falling for you. I was too smug with smiles and daydreams and thoughts to remember it, my love. I dont remember asking you out. My heart was fluttering half with anxiety and half by your fragrant presence. I dont remember our kiss, for it was divine and I saw stars with my eyes closed. But I should always remember this Valentine's Day, when I kneel before you and take your hand and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

3) To be honest, it doesnt take just a day to convey my feelings for you. I will love you no matter what. I will hug you when you feel cold. I will kiss you with a passion you have seen nowhere before . I will take you out dates and show you the most beautiful places around the city everyday.  I'd see to it that you will nothing unpleasant about you. But in the end of the day, when Cupid glimpses us entwined in the meadow, I'll wish to you a Happy  Valentine's Day because it would reassure you that you would be my valentine every day.

Want to confess her your love  ?
This valentine love quote is for you then.   

4) I love you, I really do. We have quarreled and we have laughed together. We have shared our secrets, trusted each other. I have stolen a hundred secret glances at you eceryday since the day I met you. You are the vert epitome of beauty, and I cant lay my eyes off you. This valentine's day I confess my love to you, and my heart is at stake when I ask you - Will you be my valentine?
5) My love for you is like an eternal river of caring and affection. It ripples whenever I have a surge of meeting you or kissing you. It ripples with an amplitude equal to my own heartbeats, nonetheless staying serene. It flows and flows, this river of love reaching to you. It gleams harnessing the sunrays, a blessing by God for our future together. It flows throughout the year, and our year starts with Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

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